Tuesday 21 July 2015

Take the Vertical Carousel Storage System Out for a Spin!

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Put the ladder away, and take the chiropractor’s office number off of your speed dial.

Take the Vertical Carousel Storage System Out for a Spin!

When you use vertical carousels for your storage needs, the unit delivers the item to you – not the other way around. So you don’t have to stretch, bend or contort your body to get to your things, just press a button or scan a barcode and viola! – there they are. As you might imagine, there are several benefits to this commercial or industrial storage system, and we will get to those shortly.

But first let’s look at what a Vertical Carousel is. If you are familiar with a Ferris Wheel at a county fair or carnival, then you have an understanding of how the Rotomat Carousel from Hanel works. Carriers within an enclosed unit are attached to a rotating mechanism and store your materials. The carriers rotate inside the carousel to deliver the material to a work counter. These carriers are designed to house a wide array of materials both large and small, and you can outfit them with dividers, bins, shelves and drawers.

Next let’s look at where a Vertical Carousel is used. Businesses and government entities use them to store files, binders and all types of media (CDs, DVDs, Fiche).Warehouses and manufacturing plants use them to store fasteners, small parts, molds and chemicals. Car and truck dealerships use them to store automotive parts and tools. Police and Sheriff’s Departments use them to store weapons, evidence, warrants and criminal records. Hospitals use them to store sterile supplies, pharmaceuticals and medical records. As you can see, there are plenty of great applications for this type of storage unit, and I didn’t come close to naming them all!

Now let’s look at what a Vertical Carousel does (those benefits we mentioned earlier).

It saves space – Vertical carousels take full advantage of ceiling heights and can provide up to 60% more storage capacity in the same square footage.

It’s ergonomic – When you make a request, the carousel rotates to deliver the correct item right to an easy to access work counter. This process eliminates ladders and unnecessary bending. In essence, it saves your back.

It saves time – In addition to being ergonomically better for you, vertical carousels also boost productivity. By allowing you to batch store and retrieve your material while eliminating the need to walk from one end of a large storage or file room to another, you end up getting more done.

It secures what you are storing – between locking doors and drawers, and inventory management software, you can rest assured that whatever you are housing remains safe, and stays out of the wrong hands.

It eliminates clutter – Clutter not only looks bad, but it is a distraction in the workplace. When the proper storage solution is available and easy to use, workers are more likely to use it, so everything is put away in its right place.

What’s next? Examine your storage situation. See what you are storing. Decide how often you have to access it. Determine if you have enough room for your storage needs. Look up and see if there are areas in your facility with high ceilings. Check with Human Resources to find out if there have been employees out with work-related injuries. Based on your findings, you will have a good idea if a vertical carousel is right for you. And then, contact us here  FSS for more information.