Custom On-Demand Label Printing

You can print brilliant color-coded labels complete with individualized bar codes and graphics on-demand from your own laser or inkjet printer. It's as simple as selecting a label design, entering or importing your data, and printing your label.

    1. Select a label design  
    2. Enter or import your data  
    3. Print and affix your label is a Web-based label archive and print utility that gives you control of your label printing needs. You can access over the Internet from any PC running Windows®, XP, or NT with Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater.

Easy To Use
The easy to use interface lets you log into your secure account and manage your label printing process. You can select label printing process. You can select a label designs from an ever increasing library of sample label designs or your own custom designed labels. You can enter or import your label data, and you can save and retrieve your data for use later. You can print your labels as needed on high-quality label stock using your own laser or inkjet printer.

You Manage Your label Production puts you in charge of your label printing from you own desktop. It lets you print and mange your label needs without investing in specialized label creation software. You don’t need to worry about sensitive and confidential data leaving your computer. You can administer and control account access, yet you can have an unlimited number of users access your account from as many computers as you need. also lets you track you label inventory.

What You Need To Use
You can begin printing labels as soon as your account is established and activated. You’ll need:

  • Your computer with Internet access (see system requirements)
  • Your account license
  • label stock
  • Your label data
  • In stock or custom label design stored on-line
  • Your printer

Advantages of

  • Web-based so there’s no software to install.
  • Secure so sensitive or confidential data never leaves your computer.
  • Compatible with your laser or inkjet printer.
  • Lets you administer access by adding or deleting users.
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous users.
  • Match your existing color-coded systems or customize with help from your dealer.
  • Lets you save data you’ve entered for retrieval later label filing System Requirements

  • Internet Connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher
  • Windows 98,98SE, ME 2000, XP and NT workstation 4.0
  • RAM: 64MB or greater Settings

  • JavaScript™ must be enabled.
  • VeriSign™ ActiveX control (ActiveX will download in approx 4 min using a 56K modem)
  • Admin permissions are required for downloading ActiveX
  • may need to be added to trusted sites list for Firewalls
  • Pop-up blockers may require being deactivated for the website.

Labels From Your Desktop
Your folder based filing systems can benefit when you can create and control you own labeling system. FCC Codeaprint gives you control with flexible and easy-to-use features that complement your document filing systems.

On Demand Label Printing with Codeaprint By Design
Codeaprint by Design is a PC-Based version of the Codeaprint system that provides the same functionality as without requiring and Internet connection. Codeaprint by Design can be installed and operated as a standalone system or over you network.

With Codeaprint by Design you use custom labels designed to your specification for you by FSS. You can import client data for each label and make easy revisions to that data. The PC-based system also minimizes security and Internet firewall issues or challenges.