FSS's inventory management software enables efficient, rationalized workflow for warehouses and distribution centers.

Our intelligent inventory management software systems are designed for computerized handling of warehouse processes on FSS's storage systems. These programs manage storage locations, articles, tools, stocks, pick and put jobs and orders.

We provide powerful inventory management software and packages that can be tailored to each customer‘s needs thanks to useful configuration options and a range of standard modules. FSS also offers complete warehouse management solutions including receiving, high-speed order fulfillment and shipping.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick and reliable access during pick and put operations
  • Modular functions for optimized adaptation to customer requirements
  • Standardized interfaces for simple data exchange with materials management/ERP programs
  • Interface to the vertical lift controllers for pick and put operations directly at the storage units
  • Optimized order picking for all connected storage units
  • Ability to manage rack storage systems, pallet stores and container stores

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