FSS specializes in a variety of industrial shelving products including multi-level high rise systems, bulk storage and boltless shelving for backroom storage.

The spatial efficiencies and quality of an expertly designed FSS storage system positively affect the bottom line right away. Our two and three level industrial shelving systems are designed to maximize the use of floor space by taking advantage of unused overhead space available in existing facilities.

Our Multi-tier systems are a cost-effective alternative to new construction. We excel at designing and manufacturing storage systems for Distribution Centers and warehouses. FSS's industrial shelving systems are engineered and manufactured for efficiency and durability.

Our industrial shelving systems can be combined with high density drawers for maximum versatility, and is the shelving used to create high-rise industrial shelving. Our industrial shelving systems for backroom storage is simple and economical: No nuts, bolts, clips or cross braces—just posts, beams and decking that assembles in minutes using only a rubber mallet.

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