Wednesday 27 April 2016

Military Racking Compact Storage

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Military Racking Compact Storage


With a significant volume increase for its strategic and critical material stored to capacity, Beale Air Force Base was experiencing an outage of its storage space.


Rather than proceeding with the building of a new warehouse facility, Beale Air Force Base wanted to minimize construction costs while optimizing its warehouse storage space.


A state-of-the-art high-density storage system was proposed to Beale Air Force Base with 25-foot carriages for a maximized space utilization within its warehouse.

With the assistance of its Local Authorized Dealer, Montel provided the following custom designed military storage solution:

- Powered HD compact storage system with pallet racks on motorized carriages;

- Mobile storage racks designed for a load capacity performance of 30,000 pounds;

- Integrated built-in control panels to operate the system and display its status;

- Proximity detectors controlled electronically;

- 2 foot-level infrared safeties for each aisle;

- Flashing light and horn safety features that provide visual and audible warnings.