Friday 18 March 2016

File Conversion Services

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Records are the memory of your business and the tools which you personnel require to conduct business.

File Conversion Services

Moving records, books and documents requires skilled trained personnel, to assure the move maintains filing sequence integrity, avoid losses, secure record protection during the process and privacy protection of the information. Also of concern, is proper space allocation when putting the records back into the equipment.

When the time arrives that these precious documents need to be relocated, it is a time when the file room move task is best left up to professionals. These file relocation services are easily provided by the trained professional staff of an FSS dealer. The success of a file room move is determined by the experts who plan and carry out the move.

  • Move records in the shortest possible time
  • Maintain accuracy in the filing sequence
  • Utilize experts who understand filing systems
  • Utilize the proper equipment to maintain security and efficiency

Our File Room Relocation Services include:

  • Properly allocate the filing space within the new area based upon your filing method (alpha, numeric, terminal digit, etc.)
  • Advise if filing aids such as shelf guides or indexes should be implemented
  • Provide expansion allocation within the file sequence to minimize future back-shifting
  • Assure records go into the new area in the correct sequence
  • Plan for file security/protection during the move
  • Accomplish the task quickly to avoid interruption for your staff